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Why Join Us?

TulsaJS is the place to come and learn about all things javascript. Whether your a seasoned javascript developer or you are just starting your development career, we are always looking to expand our user base. We are a fairly new user group, and we plan to have meetups once a month. For more info visit our (Meetups Page).

Why Another Tulsa Dev Meetup?

For anyone who has been to the TulsaWebDevs meetups, you may ask why another user group. For you I ask, why not? Some developers may get deterred from a larger group meetup and smaller groups may be more welcoming. In addition Tulsa could use some healthy expanding within the development community.

How Can TulsaJS Help You?

You may ask yourself, how can TulsaJS possibly help the development community and more importantly yourself? Well we plan to have meetups once a month and mix interaction with tutorials. Want to learn the newest javascript framework? Need to sharpen your vanilla javascript skills? We have something for everyone.