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Empower yourself to learn and grow

Join a community of enthusiastic developers achieving goals and reaching them together.

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Grow the career you want

Learn something new monthly that you can use to advance the career that you want

Communication is key

We provide a way to communicate with all members of TulsaJS through our own Slack Group. Join us to learn, grow and share your knowledge with others.

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Open Source Examples

All of the code for TulsaJS and most of the talks given are open source. This gives you the ability to dive deep into how things work.

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Livestream Access

We provide the ability to learn at various times through our online streaming platform on twitch.tv

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Organized by passionate people

We do this because we are thrilled to see developers thriving in the community

Wassim Metallaoui

Wassim is a full stack web developer happily slinging code for Planning Center. He enjoys working with technologies such as Ruby on Rails and React. He lives in Tulsa with his wife, two kids, and an incredibly annoying cat.

Josh Hamilton

Josh is a passionate developer. His knack for problem solving is only succeeded by his love for learning. He spends his off hours soaking up new open source projects. He currently lives in Tulsa with his wife, Jessica.